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Author Topic: comments shown in one page with two input radios "approve or disapprove".  (Read 2008 times)


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Hi everyone,

visitors posts usually 10-20 comments per day, In my website. So, I have modified settings, to check all the comments if they deserve "approvale" or the vice versa, as I find it more complex to edit each comment in the administration Page, and see the content of the comment and approve it or delete it. my inquiry is simply as this, Did You think oneday, to make this more easier, I mean we can have all the comment shown in the same page and we don't have to "edit" each one and see its content. all content's comments with their names, and two input radios for each of the comment, so that we can simpliy approve or disapprove it. I have searched for this MOD in search bar, but I can't find anything. your help will be appreciated guys, If you make this dream, real.

best regards, adminphp. ;)
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The easiest way to have a comments system on your website today is by using DISQUS. Many news media websites are using it now, so they do not have to moderate comments themselves. You can set up DISQUS for your website with several options and have a black-list for unacceptable words too.
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