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You need/want an older version of sNews ? Download an older/unsupported version here.

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 on: October 04, 2014, 03:58:29 PM 
Started by Brian - Last post by GerryMacOstair
it's rather easy to relate to the issues you appear to have deciding on the "perfect" CMS for your project. So, yes, your posting makes sense (at least to me). Nevertheless, as far as your current project ("Deus Uno") is concerned, I believe you worry too much. From what I can see (thus far), it is not going to require features that wouldn't be provided by sNews (or NIbbleblog, or any other CMS available today).

As for the "design learning curve", there is no big difference between WordPress and sNews. Unless you are going to use the default theme, shipping with the respective package, you will have to know CSS and the structure of the individual pages. Since you are (apparently) going to use HTML5, however, you are beyond this stage already. I have switched between WordPress and sNews twice and no one was able to tell, as the front appeared and worked always the same. Just recently, I returned to sNews because I was tired of having to update WordPress in ridiculously short succession, without experiencing major improvements of the engine, but a lot of new issues with one plugin breaking another or my theme.
The more plugins you have to employ, the more troublesome it gets.

As for current or future development activity, none of us can seriously predict which CMS is going to survive. On the other hand, I have yet to learn of a single website that remained unmodified since its first launch. That's the point of development, after all. sNews has a lot of forks by now, but so far I haven't found one that would solve more issues than it caused. sNews, on the other hand, still has a number of caring users and developers - Keyrocks being only one of them.

The way you present "Deus Uno" right now, sNews is certainly one of the most efficient (if, admittedly, not the easiest to handle for the random user) and stable CMS to accomplish the task. By the time you really need a store front, your general requirements, as well as the provided features of sNews, may have changed utterly already. Who knows ...


 on: October 03, 2014, 05:19:13 PM 
Started by Brian - Last post by Brian
The vanishing part is my largest fear. I find sNews to be really a versatile package and want to do my best to keep it around but because of the decline in activity with it I am trying to design around wordpress as well since eventually ill want some form of store front any how. This is just one of the first cms's I really got in to working with and want to see it stick around. Its still the easiest ive came across. If anything I can use it for one shot marketing sites or something.

 on: October 03, 2014, 03:22:19 PM 
Started by Brian - Last post by Keyrocks
Hi Brian:
In the past, sNews development was accomplished on a project-by-project basis when a few Users would collaborate on a specific project. There hasn't been a group collaboration on any project for at least the last 2.5 years (maybe longer) that I am aware of. While there has been informal discussion about working on a 2.0 version off and on for a few years, nothing has really gotten started so the versions of sNews currently available are the same - February 16, 2011 was the last time sNews 1.7.1 was updated.

I had a few projects that I'd been working on over the past few years (off & on) that I eventually wanted to release as updated packages, for single & multiple users, with template switching, but I lost all of my localhost projects this past Monday when my Apache server's primary hard drive crashed and burned. If I can get its contents recovered I will continue with those but - if I can't - I'll continue working with the 1.71 version for simple sites when I need them.

I'm always available to assist in developing a 2.0 version whenever a group of current sNews users wants to start working on something along those lines.

As far as old links in several forum threads going offline, that is to be expected over the years since domains are only active as long as someone keeps re-registering them ... I've let a few expire in recent years as well. This website is currently hosted by one of our original developers - Bob Baker - and I don't know how long Bob will keep it up.

 on: October 02, 2014, 07:50:34 AM 
Started by Brian - Last post by Brian
Ok I am still making tweaks to I actually flipped back and forth between Nibbleblog, Wordpress and Snews to try and make a decision and while it was a toss up between Nibbleblog and Snews I had to go with what I know and push my design. I am still making CSS tweaks and trying to decide on a web font but am hoping to get this thing moving pretty soon. I wish there was a way to take Nibbleblogs admin and use snews together as I want features from both scripts kinda badly which sounds like it may be my next outsource to India project lol.

I still find wordpress too overly complex for what I want to do and the design learning curve is something I didnt have time to deal with.

Now what I am wondering is now that its been a couple years since I asked this. Is sNews as a package still pretty future proof? My fear is  with sNews not seeing advancement of any kind is it possible new PHP versions could suddenly render sNews useless? I want this as my core but am afraid of it just vanishing one day. Ive even been building my own database of every mod and add-on I can find just to have references in the future because sites seem to be going offline and disappearing so much. Even in this forum 99% of the links are dead or wordpress.

I know this is long winded but hope you can make sense of what I am getting at.

 on: September 24, 2014, 02:51:28 PM 
Started by joaobaker - Last post by Keyrocks
I'm not experiencing any problems on my server running with PHP 5.2.0 (with session support).
Have you checked your php.ini file to confim that mod_rewrite is enabled?

If you haven't already, put a phpinfo.php file in your site's root ... with the following in it:
Code: [Select]
// Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL

// Show just the module information.

Then point to the file in your browser http://your-domain/phpinfo.php
And it will display the details of what's enabled on your server. The second function is enabled. If you want to see all of the information, disable the second function and enable the first one.

 on: September 23, 2014, 08:41:37 PM 
Started by joaobaker - Last post by joaobaker
Hello, well I've had everything working for a while now, and sNews is SO fantastic.

Anyway, I switched my PHP version from 4.4.2 to 5.2.1. BIG MISTAKE. I changed it to run activeCollab which requires PHP 5+.

After switching, sNews won't post my new articles or extra contents, I get the 'Operation Successful' message, but no content appears. Switching back to PHP 4.4.2 all works fine. I know sNews 1.6 and 1.5 say "
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor version 4.x or above" so I am unsure what the issue is.

I apologize if this has been covered, I did a forum search. Thanks for any guidance.

 on: September 15, 2014, 12:54:32 PM 
Started by GerryMacOstair - Last post by nukpana
Awesome work Gerry.  I love the site!

 on: September 12, 2014, 04:38:36 AM 
Started by GerryMacOstair - Last post by GerryMacOstair
Thank you, gentlemen, very kind of you. @sibas: Thanks for adding me to the list. @Doug: Glad, you like it.


 on: September 11, 2014, 06:48:41 PM 
Started by GerryMacOstair - Last post by Keyrocks
@Gerry - I REALLY like your single-page approach using sNews 1.7 and your template (theme) is - quite simply - refreshingly 'outside-the-box'.  Well Done! :)

 on: September 11, 2014, 09:45:43 AM 
Started by GerryMacOstair - Last post by sibas
Nice one! I like your single page and I added to The list;D

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