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Hi everyone,

I just added another SNews web site called: .  There is a lot of overlap with my other web sites, but a lot of new material also.  When I talk to people I'm always amazed on how little they know about the "Worlds  Financial Crisis" and how unconcern they seem to be.   I guess they think it will cure itself... eventually.  They need to go to and watch:

1) Inside Job by Charles Ferguson
2) Plunder by Danny Schechter
3) Wall Street, host Jessy Ventura

Then wander over to the Military menu and watch some of the Depleted Uranium videos.  Then go to the Corporatocracy menu and see how Corporations are writing are laws.  Then maybe the Environmental menu to see how Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl.


Wallstreet Bankers looks great Sewen! I like your template, including your drop-down menu-bar... nice and clean and easy on the eyes.
What template did you base it on or did you make it up from scratch? Would you be willing to share it?

Agreed - looks good!


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