Page View Counter

Page View Counter mod by Mika

(version 0.1, tested in 1.5.31)

1. database change

- add the following line in your phpmyadmin SQL view and run it
- it will create a new numeric column named views with zero as a default value
--standard mysql query
ALTER TABLE `articles` ADD `views` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';
--mysql query using table PREFIX_
ALTER TABLE `PREFIX_articles` ADD `views` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';

2. language variable (snews.php)

- add it somewhere in your language variables section
- it will be used inside article's infoline
$l['views'] = 'Views';

3. function tags() (snews.php)

- edit function tags() by adding a new element views in the array
function tags($tag) {
$tags = array();
$tags['infoline'] = '



4. function center() (snews.php)

- around line 512 find this snippet and add the blue part
if ($infoline == true) {
foreach ($tag as $tag) {
switch (true) {
case ($tag == 'date'): echo $a_date_format; break;
case ($tag == 'views'): echo ' '.$r['views'].' '.l('views').' '; break;

5. function center() (snews.php)

- a couple of lines below find this snippet and add the blue part
- this will increment view counter every time visitor hits full article view
- when logged in, view counter is disabled (otherwise all admin views/edits would be counted as well, but that would make the counter even less precise*)
else if (substr($position, 0, 1) != '2' && empty($currentPage)) {

if ($_SESSION[db('website').'Logged_In'] != token()) { $views = $r['views']; $views++; $queryUpdate = "UPDATE ".db('prefix')."articles SET views = $views WHERE id = $r[id]"; mysql_query($queryUpdate); }

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